Bill 122: How can digital be beneficial?

date10 mars 2019

On June 15, 2017, the National Assembly passed Bill 122, which is crucial for municipalities. Indeed, it recognizes that municipalities are local governments and offers them greater autonomy, particularly by putting forward the voice of citizens duri... Voir plus

Digital platform: an essential for citizen dialogue!

date14 février 2019

In 2019, how can you generate a real citizen dialogue, bidirectional and without filter? How can you be sure to get your citizens’ attention or, at least, to reach as many homes as possible in your municipality? The idea of ​​setting up a digit... Voir plus

​How to become a Smart City?

date28 janvier 2019

To make the transition to a Smart City, the mayors, as well as the general managers who are at the root of this digital transformation, must develop a clear strategy. But not only! There is also a need to develop a strategy for urban infrastructures ... Voir plus

Comment faire le virage vers une ville connectée?

date28 janvier 2019

Pour faire la transition vers une ville connectée, les maires et mairesses, ainsi que les directeurs généraux qui sont à la base de cette transformation numérique, doivent élaborer une stratégie claire. Il faut également développer une strat... Voir plus