Become a smart city!

Take advantage of the full potential of artificial intelligence and of your massive data to engage in a seamless and direct dialogue between your city, your citizens and your systems.

One ethical, scalable and secure application

A trialogue platform for smart cities

  • Ethically and securely manage your massive citizen data
  • Enable a bidirectional and intelligent citizen dialogue
  • Anticipate the needs of citizens and benefit from collective intelligence
  • Send push alerts
  • Interact with your citizens at all times thanks to the power of a chatbot
  • Receive requests from your citizens
  • Establish a digital citizen consultation
  • Synchronize your various technology platforms
  • Even more !

Smart together

Tangible benefits observed

Better satisfaction of citizens

An ethical and secure interaction of your emergency communications, events, forums and digital consultations with your citizens

Real savings

A direct reduction in your hardware costs and resources, as well as better use of your talents and the use of artificial intelligence to optimize your systems in place

Better decision making

Using artificial intelligence to anticipate the needs of your community, make decisions proactively and interact in real time with your citizens

Creation of wealth

An opportunity to create new sources of income for the city by promoting local commerce and exchange between citizens

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Reduced waiting time
Observed savings

A growing community

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