Founded in 2016, bciti is a fast-growing Canadian company that Centralizes, analyses & recommends through an intelligent dashboard

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To apply artificial intelligence in an ethical way to smart cities' existing data in a manner to create a direct dialogue and facilitate access to a multitude of services, in a multitude of cities, via a SINGLE platform: bciti.


Creating a smarter future together, by bringing citizens closer to their cities and communities.

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Vivianne Gravel, LL.M

President and Founder of bciti

Vivianne is widely recognized as a pioneer and activator of mobile, digital and AI innovations that inspire positive impacts while improving organizational performance and people’s lives.

After years of experience in C-level positions with international scope, she co-founded and successfully sold LIPSO, the first integrated mobile platform company in Quebec. She later launched and propelled METIX, Chronometriq, METO, METIX Capital and, more recently, bciti, an integrated smart platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to efficiently connect cities to their residents while simultaneously connecting cities to each other.

Known for creating win-win partnerships and long-term relationships, she is a sought-after keynote speaker on Artificial Intelligence and IT innovation.

bciti's Origins

From the beginning, bciti has been inspired by bees, true models of organized work and collective intelligence. In addition, the honey they make is one of the few imperishable foods ... like the encounters and friendships that take shape when we work toward a common goal. That's why we are ''Smart Together.'' Thank you for building smarter cities with us!

A symbol of collective intelligence, social organization and discipline at the service of the common good.


Acronym that stands for Citizen - Intelligent - Transaction - Interactivity

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