bciti ecoLocal: beyond buying local

date21 May 2020

Driving local business An uphill battle What is the playbook for creating a community-based, local, or service-pooling business during and after this crisis, knowing that for every dollar spent at a local business, 70 cents makes its way back into ... Voir plus

The Smart City Challenge: Navigating complexity

date16 December 2019

bciti already in line with studies and recommendations from the firm Roland Berger. Deploying smart city solutions is complex. No two cities are alike, and one plan doesn’t fit all when it comes to becoming a smart city. Cities often don't have ... Voir plus

Bill 122: How can digital be beneficial?

date10 March 2019

On June 15, 2017, the National Assembly passed Bill 122, which is crucial for municipalities. Indeed, it recognizes that municipalities are local governments and offers them greater autonomy, particularly by putting forward the voice of citizens duri... Voir plus