bciti Knowledge Bank

How do you simplify and improve customer service while offering a pleasant experience for all users? This is what the bciti intelligent platform offers smart cities and communities—an end-to-end digital solution that optimizes and improves the quality and speed of responses to requests for information from residents and users.

En Bref:

The bciti Knowledge Bank centralizes the collective knowledge of city officials and progressively develops the most up-to-date responses to service requests from residents. With bciti’s digital solution, cities can also measure the popularity and thoroughness of content to provide the best support possible to residents and users. The bciti Knowledge Bank also digitizes content so that questions and responses can be accessed instantaneously, progressively integrating artificial intelligence into city life. The chatbot improves the user experience and offers service 24/7/365, making the bciti Knowledge Bank the perfect opportunity to enter the era of recommendation and improve community decision-making based on user activity.

Innovative and robust features

High-performing basic modules:

  • Certified and secure Smart City cloud platform implementing ethical data management practices
  • Fast and easy configuration and personalization
  • Simple integration of desired content
  • Ability to update the knowledge base
  • Search engine using key words
  • Automated management of searches based on key words
  • Basic dashboard for the most frequently asked questions


  • Addition of a form for multiple interactions
  • Addition of a payment module for transactions
  • Connection to a chatbot
  • Integration of images and videos to improve the user experience

Benefits for users:

  • Allows users to find answers to their questions quickly and easily
  • Increases the efficiency of communications and transactions with the city or community
  • Involves residents and users as contributors to the city’s collective knowledge
  • Increases user satisfaction (fast responses without having to wait in line or leave the comfort of one’s home)



Benefits for the city / community:

  • Improves management efficiency
  • Fast and efficient deployment
  • Reduces the number of calls and in-person appointments
  • Increases user satisfaction
  • Eco-friendly: minimizes user travel
  • Chatbot integrates with the existing CRM system
  • Minimizes risks
  • Reduces bottlenecks

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