bciti Digital Consultation

How do you inform, promote and increase resident participation in city consultations while making the experience pleasurable for all users? This is what the bciti Digital Consultation intelligent platform offers smart cities and communities—an end-to-end digital solution that intuitively, autonomously and efficiently integrates and manages digital consultations while increasing participation from residents and users in the smart community

En Bref:

bciti Digital Consultation helps cities and communities quickly collect information from residents, specifically groups and populations that do not come to in-person meetings. bciti’s digital solution helps cities understand key problems in their communities by effectively leveraging digital channels and collective intelligence. As a result, cities are able to make better decisions, all while ensuring that data remains secure and ethically managed. bciti Digital Consultation provides high-level autonomy and a way to capture information about participants, develop user profiles and manage communications to facilitate meaningful interactions via a SINGLE app. bciti’s digital solution keeps residents informed, in real time, of the consultations that may interest them. With bciti Smart Consultations, cities are able to gradually integrate artificial intelligence into city life—a perfect opportunity to enter the era of recommendation and improve community decision-making based on user activity and personal interests.

Innovative and robust features

High-performing basic modules:

  • Set up pre-programmed digital consultations
  • Educate and inform residents of consultation topics through multi-media platforms
  • Create thought-provoking questions that encourage interaction and participation
  • Ensure one-time participation (via unique identification)
  • Protection respondents’ anonymity
  • View results in real time on a visually appealing dashboard
  • Interpret results better with an automated sentiment analysis tool
  • Quickly measure user satisfaction concerning services used
  • Target consultations based on specific profiles
  • Archive past consultations


  • Geocontextual map to target consultations
  • Recurrent planning
  • Alerts when consultations are open
  • Link to the resident card to access public sessions
  • Link to the bciti barcode reader to access public sessions
  • Resident usage with moderators
  • Generation of revenues through usage by other organizations
  • Sharing of inter-city consultations

Benefits for users:

  • Improves understanding of residents’ and users’ views on municipal and community issues
  • Promotes the participation of residents and users in the continuous improvement of services and city life
  • Creates a sense of belonging in the city and community
  • Leads to increased acceptance of the decisions made and smoother project implementation

Benefits for the city/Community

  • Makes managing consultations easier
  • Centralizes multi-year consultations
  • Improves communications and promotion of consultations
  • Increases participation in consultations
  • Increases awareness of needs of residents and users
  • Measures user satisfaction concerning services
  • Improves cities’ and communities’ decision-making
  • Connects cities, communities and residents

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