bciti Mobile Parking Meter

How do you simplify and make parking payments cost-effective while offering a pleasant experience for all users? This is what the bciti intelligent platform offers smart cities and parking lot management organizations—an end-to-end digital solution to streamline street parking operations and accept payments

En Bref:

By eliminating the need for physical parking meters, bciti’s digital solution automates web and mobile payments at any location, 24/7, and manages parking spot usage. bciti’s Smart Parking Payments solution provides high-level autonomy and a gradual integration of artificial intelligence into city life—a perfect opportunity to enter the era of recommendations and improve decision-making at the community level based on user activity.

Innovative and robust features


High-performing basic modules:

  • Certified and secure Smart City cloud platform implementing ethical data management practices
  • Fast and easy configuration and personalization
  • Multi-channel solution (web, mobile, iOS, Android)
  • Integrated mobile communications (reminders, alerts, etc.)
  • Automated visual recognition of licence plates and parking spots
  • Payments and transactions management module
  • Integration of a promotional code
  • Basic dashboards
  • Maps for locating parking spots

System allowing for payment by spot or by licence plate


  • Addition of text and email alerts and notifications
  • API for existing parking meter systems
  • API for parking violations system
  • Link to resident card or barcodes to access closed parking areas
  • AI algorithm for parking spot predictions
  • AI algorithm for parking spot reservations
  • AI algorithm for price modulations based on peak periods

Benefits for users:

  • Makes paying for street parking faster and easier
  • Includes reminders about spot renewals to avoid tickets
  • Eco-friendly: eliminates the need to circle the area to find a spot
  • Increased satisfaction: fast payment without having to stop at a physical parking meter

Benefits for the city / community:

  • Improves street parking management
  • Increases revenues
  • Optimizes parking spot usage while reducing management costs
  • Easily integrates and interfaces with other systems
  • Minimizes risks
  • Improves communication regarding regulations (such as no-parking zones)

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