bciti Smart Resident Portal – Gateway to the smart city

How do you simplify and make digital service management cost-effective while offering a pleasant experience for all users? This is what the bciti intelligent platform offers smart cities and communities—an end-to-end digital solution that optimizes and facilitates access to city services and urban organizations.

En Bref:

By eliminating manual management, the bciti solution digitizes, automates and centralizes services while ensuring that data remains secure and ethically managed. The bciti Smart Resident Portal offers high-level autonomy and a gradual integration of a multitude of services across numerous cities via a SINGLE app. Thanks to unique identification, bciti automatically identifies residents in multiple databases. Get to know your residents better and clean databases in real time in all connected systems. The bciti Smart Resident Portal acts as the smart city’s central nervous system and helps cities move from fragmented to global and improved management through the gradual integration of artificial intelligence into city life—a perfect opportunity to enter the era of recommendation and improve community decision-making based on user activity.

Innovative and robust features

Innovative and robust features:

  • Unique Identification module (secure ID management)
  • Authentication module
  • Digital registration interface for users
  • Digital administration interface for the city
  • Multi-channel solution (web, mobile, iOS, Android)
  • Multi-city/multi-service solution
  • “Smart City Ready” certification (currently underway)

High-performing basic digital modules:

  • Events calendar
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Instant surveys
  • e-Waste Disposal Directory (with or without geolocation)
  • Basic dashboard (number of users registered, number of registrations per service, use of unique ID, etc.)
  • Payments & transactions

Benefits for users:

  • Makes accessing resident data faster and easier
  • Makes accessing city services faster and easier
  • Offers the option for automated reminders (notifications)
  • Promotes the city’s services

Benefits for the city

  • Improves management efficiency
  • Reduces phone calls and in-person appointments
  • Optimizes decision-making
  • Improves data quality and increases the city’s understanding of residents’ needs
  • Eco-friendly: minimizes user travel
  • Easily integrates and interfaces with other systems
  • Minimizes risks
  • Ability to view usage in real time

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