bciti Smart Dashboards

How can cities better anticipate users’ needs while improving decision-making by municipal officials? This is what bciti Smart Dashboards offers smart cities and communities— integrated data about the city in order to better understand, anticipate and predict users’ needs based on a range of criteria. The module allows for both vertical and horizontal data analysis for improved decision-making.

En Bref:

bciti Smart Dashboards allows for the gradual integration of algorithms for statistical calculations, business intelligence and artificial intelligence, presenting a perfect opportunity to enter the era of recommendation and improve community decision-making based on user activity.

Innovative and robust features

  • Certified and secure Smart City cloud platform implementing ethical data management practices
  • Fast and easy configuration and personalization
  • Basic statistics on registrations, usage, etc.
  • Machine-learning algorithms
  • Decision-making algorithms
  • Simple integration with the city’s website

Benefits for users:

  • Creates a sense that residents’ needs are taken into account
  • Increases the perception that services match residents’ needs
  • Increases decision-making quality and speed

Benefits for the city / community:

  • Improves management and decision-making processes
  • Optimizes the city’s understanding of residents’ and users’ needs with regard to city services
  • Reduces the need to manually manage information from multiple information silos

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