bciti Request

How to simplify the sending of requests by citizens to the city / organization, while making the experience pleasant for users? This is what the smart bciti Request platform offers to smart cities and communities. An end-to-end digital solution that allows user requests to be intuitively, autonomously and efficiently managed and tracked while facilitating access to the City services.

En Bref:

By eliminating manual management by different departments and agencies, the bciti solution digitizes, automates and centralizes communications while ensuring the security and ethical data management. bciti Queries allows a high level of autonomy and management of citizen requests via a single application. The solution allows users to get in touch quickly and securely with their city by sending geolocated queries and having the opportunity to be informed, in real time.

Innovative and robust features

High-performing basic module:

  • Real-time processing of a citizen’s request
  • Ability to choose the visibility of the request (private or public)
  • Geo-tracking of the citizen’s request (if activated)
  • Multi-channel web and mobile solution;
  • Interfaces for the citizens and the cities;
  • Basic dashboards.


  • Allows you to view on mobile phone, the requests made by other users (and made public by a city administrator), and to follow them;
  • Allows you to attach a document or photo to a query;
  • Can easily be integrated with external query management systems (for example : PG Solutions Requests, ICO, Octopus, etc.);
  • Tracks the status of queries sent through external request systems in bciti.

Benefits for users:

  • Increases the efficiency of communication / interaction management;
  • Improves the quality of information to citizens;
  • Eco-friendly: minimizes the movements of users;
  • Decreases communication costs
  • Increases customer satisfaction.

Benefits for the city / community:

  • Improves knowledge of the City and community services;
  • Promotes the participation and appreciation of the City services;
  • Minimizes the loss of time associated with finding information;
  • Improves user time management.

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