bciti Smart Resident Card

How can you limit bottlenecks at city hall during peak registration times while making the experience pleasant for all users? This is what bciti Smart Card offers smart cities and communities—an end-to-end digital solution that provides a multi-status digital card to users (including residents, non-residents and tourists) and manages registrations and access to a range of activities and events based on the user’s status.

En Bref:

By eliminating the manual management of resident cards, the bciti Smart Card (ticket office) makes digital registrations easy and facilitates access to numerous services. bciti’s digital solution digitizes, automates and centralizes digital card management through its ticket office feature while ensuring that personal identification data is secure and ethically managed. The bciti Smart Card (ticket office) offers high-level autonomy and a gradual integration of a range of services through a SINGLE digital card, accessible via the web and on mobile devices. bciti’s digital solution keeps residents informed, in real time, of the activities around the city that they have registered for. With the bciti Smart Card (ticket office), cities are able to gradually integrate artificial intelligence into city life—the perfect opportunity to enter the era of recommendation and improve community decision-making based on user activity.

Innovative and robust features

High-performing basic module:

  • Separate interfaces for residents and cities (web and mobile)
  • Mobile or printed digital card integrating 1-D or 2-D barcodes
  • Automated integration of multi-organization registrations
  • Automated validation of resident addresses to confirm residence in the city
  • Basic dashboards


  • Multi-system API (leisure activities, libraries, etc.)
  • Link to a door-opening system
  • Link to the bciti barcode reader
  • Link to the payment & transactions system
  • Link to the alerts & notifications system
  • Automated appointment scheduling

Benefits for users:

  • Increases participation in city events
  • Saves time during activity registrations
  • Improved time management
  • Fast access to city services

Benefits for city:

  • Increases efficiency with regard to resident profile management and subscriptions
  • Eliminates bottlenecks and waiting times at city hall
  • Increases customer service efficiency
  • Improves the quality of information sent to residents
  • Eco-friendly: minimizes user travel
  • Reduces printing costs for laminated cards
  • Increases understanding of residents’ interests
  • Improves user satisfaction
  • Increases user awareness of city and community services

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